Landscape Design

Landscape Design

We design harmony and cultivate abundance. From gardens to farms and any scale in between…We’re not your average landscape designers since we focus on regenerative landscapes.

Caribbean & Tropical climates

We’ll help you make well thought out decisions for your project that work well with nature’s availability. These decisions contemplate the earth’s elements, societal delicacies, and governmental red tape to create energy efficient food production systems and regenerative landscapes. We focus on design intensive landscape systems that work well together so you can work less in the future. Our services provide formalization of the project’s idea, plan for the working parts, and implement the different phases up to its own working state.


A day’s chat – already have an idea and don’t know what to do? We can have a day’s chat where we visit the property and talk about the strengths, things to watch out for, and bounce off ideas for the project. The visit will help you have more of a clear view on how to move your project forward.We’ll collaborate on ideas that can be transformed into opportunities.

Concept design – want to join the idea with the landscape? Our team will prepare the project’s design with permaculture principles as a base. This includes multiple visits for a site analysis and a detailed document with suggestions on where to place each component, crop selection and recommendations on how to take the next steps. We design systems that contemplate all of the functions.

Project consulting – need someone that’ll talk in plain terms? We’ll help with the decision making process with clear and digested suggestions.We work in a structured and clear manner.

Abundance agroforestry – tired of spending time, money, and energy on low quality agriculture systems? We design and implement productive agroforestry systems. Using syntropic agriculture as the base, we’ll create a polyculture forest that does not need inputs and produces high quality yields. Forests are the past and will be the future.

Bees & Honey – have anything related to bee rescue & honey production? We know how they can sting and we have the means to work with them. We’re built to deal with swarm rescue, site recommendations, and short/long term management of honey production. We can help with all of it.

Brigade of education – an extra pair of hands on implementation? We’ll take care of organizing a local brigade coupled with a seminar on the task at hand. We’ll talk about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how to do it. Then, we’ll get our hands dirty and work on the land.

We teach so that everyone can understand.