Environmental Compliance: The correct business decision

company's compliance performance

By: Javier Vélez Arocho By the 1960s, environmental pollution, especially in industrialized nations, was so high that it forced countries to take corrective actions. Recurring incidents like the fire at Ohio River and Love Canal event were turning points in protecting the environment. By the mid-1970s, environmental regulation in developed countries became substantially more stringent […]

How to turn tires into Alternative fuel: pyrolysis process?

How to turn tires into Alternative fuels

By: Javier Vélez Arocho The automotive industry in Puerto Rico generates approximately 4,700,000 tires per year, according to the 2018 annual report from the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources’ Solid Waste Management Division. The state government sent used tires to states like Alabama to be used as raw material to produce cement. However, changes […]

What are wetland restoration and mitigation projects?

mitigation project

By: Javier Vélez Arocho The impacts to wetland areas are considered a regulated activity by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Before you consider purchasing and developing a property, it is essential to understand that the presence of wetland areas within the parcel might be subject to a permitting process by a federal regulator. […]

The Permit Process for a Co-Generation Project in Puerto Rico

Cogeneration Project

By: Javier Vélez Arocho The development of a cogeneration project (COGEN) within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico will require a series of permits with state and possibly federal agencies depending on the type of technology to be used, the fuel, and the amount (tons) of pollutants that would emit for a period of one year. […]