Sea level rise: The effects on the seaside

Beach erosion. Picture by Made Caesario in

by Gabriel Rodríguez Rojas Planet water: How does the sea level rise impact humans? The sea is the salt water body that covers the earth. It covers around 70% of the earth’s surface and contains 97% of its water. The other 30% of earth’s surface is ice & land, and other 3% of earth’s water […]

What are wastewaters?

By: Javier Vélez Arocho Wastewaters are a nonavoidable problem when it comes to industrialization processes and development operations. These types of water contain non-natural components for the environment and, in significant quantities, can affect the ecosystem around it by altering the ecosystem’s natural processes. Nonetheless, they are almost always treated and cleaned before their discharge […]

How to prepare a Tree Mitigation Bank

Tree mitigation bank in Puerto Rico

By: Javier Vélez Arocho A tree mitigation bank is an excellent tool for owners whose farms, parcels, or undeveloped properties have construction limitations or restrictions due to their location or environmental characteristics. Many Puerto Rico residents have forested parcels of land located in areas like the Northern Karst Corridor or right next to a state […]

What are wetland restoration and mitigation projects?

mitigation project

By: Javier Vélez Arocho The impacts to wetland areas are considered a regulated activity by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Before you consider purchasing and developing a property, it is essential to understand that the presence of wetland areas within the parcel might be subject to a permitting process by a federal regulator. […]