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DIATOM Environmental Services, LLC signs new international alliance

By: Javier Vélez Arocho

DIATOM Environmental Services, LLC signs a strategic alliance with SICMA Ecuador, a company focusing on sustainable development at the business level. SICMA, in Ecuador, seeks to support companies that wish to improve their management and raise their reputation by complying with environmental process standards, similar to how DIATOM does it in Puerto Rico.

Establishing an international network of both institutions looks to expand collaboration opportunities and exchange technical knowledge that benefits both companies.

SICMA has extensive experience in the area of ​​environmental consulting, advisory/monitoring, and engineering. They contain experience in:

The approach that the international agreement will handle is marked by compliance with environmental laws and conservation of resources, ensuring the well-being of the environment of each country.

“The exchange of experiences and knowledge will help us to foresee different scenarios and thus be able to offer integrated solutions to our clients”

Javier Vélez Arocho, president of Diatom Environmental Services, LLC.


Diatom and SICMA will discuss ethical and commercial points of the environmental companies responsible for current markets

This event will benefit both customers and the open public. The event is scheduled for late 2021. Data relevant to the event will be presented over the next few months through different media outlets.

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