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Diatom Environmental is a Puerto Rican firm that specializes in environmental consulting services, achieving exceptional and sustainable results

Environmental consulting firm in Puerto Rico

Sea Grant College Program of the University of Puerto Rico
United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States Environmental Protection Agency

Our firm is led by Javier Vélez Arocho who has a vast regulatory experience working with federal and state agencies. He manages consulting projects, as well as multiple studies for key clients. Prior to joining the firm, Javier worked as Secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico, with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Sea Grant College Program of the University of Puerto Rico.

Sea Grant College Program of the University of Puerto Rico
United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States Environmental Protection Agency

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environmental environmental consulting firm
environmental environmental consulting firm

Our Mission

To support our client’s needs and ideas by providing integrated consulting, program management, technical assistance, project delivery, environmental education and tailored environmental services throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the Wider Caribbean Region always focusing on compliance, environmental laws and conservation of resources ensuring the well-being of the environment.

Our Vision

To be a leading firm in economic sectors where our tailored environmental full-service assistance and multicultural closeness provide a unique added value to our clients around the region while protecting the value of our natural resources.

We are committed to our country

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At Diatom Environmental Services in Puerto Rico, we provide the tools and resources to clients to help them to start the permit process the right way. The permitting process in Puerto Rico can be a challenge depending on the proposed activity.
If the project is a small one, it may take only a few months to complete, however more complex projects like cogeneration projects (COGEN), renewable energy, marinas, and manufacturing facilities will require a series of permits at the state and possibly federal level depending on the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed action.
We provide the necessary guidance to prepare all permits applications correctly. This is one of the best steps an organization can take to avoid unnecessary paperwork.
You can schedule a half hour or a one-hour session in our online calendar so we can give you guidance to start the process.
In the working initial session, you will receive personalized assistance to consider your specific needs so our team can help you in designing the best strategy to address unique needs and potential government requirements.
Schedule your appointment, we will be pleased to assist you.
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